Twitter Reporting: Does It Make Sense?

“Like many people I’ve heard of Twitter, a form of social media, which allows users to communicate with a limitation of 140 characters. “

The paragraph above is 134 characters. I was not able to communicate very much in that one sentence. It’s because of that limitation that I did not perceive any real value in Twitter Reporting when I first heard of it.

There are two types of communication where I could understand the value of Twitter early on. The first might be for those people who like to send and receive social updates such as “am watching TV now. Favorite show. ‘Best of Sasquatch Hunters.’” That’s only 66 characters. This tweet could even add the title of a second favorite TV show.

The second was for retailers. I can see the marketing value of tweeting to those who are interested “we just got some new versions of that thing you like so much.”

But something inexplicable started happening. I would be attending webinars on my computer and people would be tweeting in their questions to the presenter. That baffled me. Presumably they were watching and listening to the webinar either on their computer or smart phone and could type their questions in the area provided on the webinar screen. Why go to another application to ask the question? Even now I don’t know.

Then I went to a Metcalf Institute seminar on social media. There were a couple of attendees with their iPads frantically typing away. I learned they were Twitter Reporting. In the afternoon the presenter praised these lunatics and proceeded to review Twitter Reporting “best practices.” Twitter Reporting best practices?? I had just gained a new definition of “oxymoron.”

On the one hand, just because everyone is doing something does not mean it’s the right thing to do. On the other hand, I have also learned over time that sometimes my impressions are wrong.

So I started looking into the question: what was the value, if any, of Twitter Reporting?

(to be continued……

Next: What do people use Twitter for)

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