Twitter Reporting: My Experience

In the previous post of this series on Twitter Reporting I reviewed some of its strengths and weaknesses.
Theory is all well and good; I wanted to try out Twitter Reporting for myself.
I had two main concerns upon starting out. The first was: could meaningful information be conveyed in 140 characters? The second concern was a fear that the process of 1) taking in information, 2) whittling it down to 140 characters, and then 3) typing out those characters would mean a loss of knowing what else was happening at the event during the reporting process. Events do not pause while Twitter reporters mull over what to send out.

I’ve done Twitter reporting from a few events now.
What are my conclusions?

My first concern was that meaningful information could not be conveyed in 140 characters. That, for the most part, is true. The strength in Twitter Reporting is in getting out short blasts of information very quickly and in providing a source of links to further detailed information.

My other concern was that I would miss out on what was going on at the point I was tweeting. That is frequently the case. I’ve come to the conclusion that Twitter Reporting is a skill much like simultaneous language translation.

Overall though, I can see benefits to Twitter Reporting. It will allow people who are interested in a topic to gather rolling headlines on their computer or smart phone screen.

I am now a fan of Twitter Reporting for certain types of topics and events. It is not a one-size-fits-all form of sending or receiving information. It does however offer immediacy, portability, and the option to be a gateway to further details on other media.

When used in ways at which Twitter excels, Twitter Reporting can be a valuable source of information.

There are a multitude of topics and events that are reported on Twitter. From a user’s point of view, the way to get value from Twitter Reports, while still getting on with the business of life, is to limit the number of topics that are followed.

Have you done any Twitter Reporting? Or followed anyone else’s reporting? What are your thoughts?

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