Pawtuxet Park

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Pawtuxet Village is a waterfront area in Rhode Island with local shops and historic houses.  It also has own pretty park which is a great place to relax on a nice day.

Pawtuxet Village lies partly in Warwick and partly in Cranston. It’s one of the oldest colonial villages in New England.  Before the colonists, the area was inhabited by members of the Narragansett Indian nation. The name “Pawtuxet” comes from the Narragansett Indian word meaning “little falls.”

Pawtuxet is known as the place where the British ship, H.M.S. Gaspee was burned in 1772.  Some regard this as the beginning of the American Revolution.  Each year there is a parade commemorating the event in Pawtuxet Village.

One of the leaders in the attack on the Gaspee was allegedly John Brown, a man with a mixed legacy in Rhode Island.  He both founded Brown University as well as made his fortune, in part, by slave trading.

There is controversy over whether one of Brown’s slaves, Aaron Briggs, willingly, or forcibly, took part in the attack on the Gaspee.  There are also conflicting opinions as to whether Briggs sided with the rebels or the British.

For more information:,84848?print=1

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