Record Number of Students at STEM in the Middle

Logo for STEM in the Middle ExpoThe largest group of Rhode Island middle school students, 125 from four schools, attended the fourth annual STEM in the Middle Conference held at RI College November 21, 2014.  This was my third year presenting at this conference and I love it.  The energy and enthusiasm of the young teens is infectious.  This year I switched up my topic and presented “My First Web Page made in HTML.”  The session was just shy of an hour and during that time the students made a web page with a title, a headline, color behind the headline, and the hit of the day: a green swimming fish.  You can look at an example of one of the web pages here.  I was impressed at the natural curiosity of the girls.  I explained the html code and on their own many of the students started experimenting with changing the size of fish. You might say they took to coding “like a fish to water.”  You can read more about STEM in the Middle, a joint effort by Rhode Island College and the RI Tech Collective, here.


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