RI Celebrates the Hour of Code

Hour Of Code Marissa Mayer

image courtesy Hour of Code

You still have time!  The Hour of Code week started today and runs through Sunday December 14, 2014.  To help celebrate, members of the Rhode Island Tech Collective volunteered this year to fan out among schools throughout the state.  We are leading coding lessons in grades K through 12 the whole school week.

Hour Of Code Chris Bosh

image courtesy Hour of Code

My assignment today was to teach a 5th grade class at the Captain Isaac Paine Elementary School in Foster. What a great group of enthusiastic students! I showed them an introduction to JavaScript using the software Blockly. The students moved their character through mazes using basic code. Some chose to program a stick figure, some chose a panda bear, and others chose an astronaut. Many of the students surprised me with how much code they were able to develop in just 45 minutes and all the students got their characters moving through at least 3 mazes.

Want to help a student with an AWESOME coding game?  My personal favorite was developed by Disney and is based on the movie “Frozen.”  Two movie characters can be programmed to make very intricate skating patterns.  One word of advice, this coding game is complicated and so is perhaps more suited to those who have done one of the easier games first.

For elementary school students my suggestion is start with “Angry Birds” (http://studio.code.org/hoc/1) and then after the student has learned the basics progress to “Frozen” (http://studio.code.org/s/frozen/stage/1/puzzle/1).  And NO!  The ubiquitous theme song does NOT play while you work the coding puzzle!

You can do the Hour of Code at home too. All year long! If you’d like more information go to http://hourofcode.com/us.  To learn more about the RI Tech Collective involvement visit http://www.tech-collective.org/index.php?option=com_events&task=view_detail&agid=724.

Hour Of Code Ashton Kutcher

image courtesy Hour of Code


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